In today’s times, Pakistani women have become more career oriented and do not lag behind in any way as compared to the other gender. Despite of being engaged in their professional career, Pakistani women are expected to look after their homes and families. ‘Working-women’ is a term referred to women who are into paid professions. They are respectably working as nurses, lawyers, doctors, secretaries, teachers etc. No profession today discriminates between men and women. However, it cannot be overlooked that even today, working women in Pakistan face various problems by the opposite gender.
For centuries, women have been subject to exploitation, discrimination, as well as mental, sexual, and physical torture. There are countless challenges and problems faced by women both at home and at work place.
As far as banking sector is concerned, there is no exception. Being a male-dominant field, women usually face a lot of trouble in operating in such industries, especially when they set to prove themselves. Society believed that it has become a norm and that women have to face many problems as compared to men.
Women are still considered as the secondary and dependent gender in the society. Women's contribution in the economy has been increased with globalization. In spite of women's great contribution, they are still at the low ranks and have to face many problems in their professional career. Some women have to do with the crossover of home into work, work into home, coping with the difficulties of both home and work demands. Women in Pakistan are explicitly working in a number of banks including Habib bank, First Women Bank, State bank of Pakistan etc.
Women had to face problems not only because of their gender but also because of their level, designation and the due to their marital status. Problems based on their gender were harassment, biasness regarding their gender and gender differences in their experiences. Problems based on their designation are objectification of women bodies and harsh behavior of the seniors. Problems related to married women were maternity leave and no day care facilities.
The difference of the women's problems in combine and separate spaces were in salary package, educational difference, and transport facilities and in the maternity leave. Government should take steps for improvement in order to provide suitable guidelines for successful operation of Bank's environment. It is high time that professional spaces in Pakistan accept women equally and respectably.
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